Sunday, 9 August 2009

Mmmm.... cakes. :)

I've done a bit of baking over the weekend making some muffins. I love cakes and thought I would feature some yummy looking cakes I've spotted on etsy over the weekend.

Deep fruit tart by treaclezoo

Slice of chocolate cake ring by minimummouse

Sugar Flower Fairy Cakes by britishcreamtea

Coconut Ice by marmalady

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Kawaii Bugs

I thought I should include some Kawaii Bugs since my blog is named after them. :) Most people think of bugs as being creepy and horrible but looking at these we know different... :)

Busy Little Bee earrings by applenoggin....

Ladybird shoes by emandsprout...

Spooky Flying Spider by asherjasper...

Heart Shaped Creations...

A few days ago I had a nice convo from HeartShapedCreations over at etsy telling me they had featured one of my items in a treasury.

Well I had a peek at their shop and fell in love with the little clay creations and the attention to detail. In particular I love the little Zodiac signs.

But look at the sheep...

And the bunny.....

Adorable! :)

Kawaii-Bug is ready... :)

Yay! It's now time for me to get started properly with Kawaii-Bug! :) I've been wanting to make a blog like this for ages now but I either couldn't think up a name or never got round to actually starting it. But at last here I am and excited to feature some really cool items I find on my travels around the internet.

Let's get started..... :)